“To establish, manage, maintain, own administrator, promote, and subsidize educational institutions, research, centers of learning, training, and development, other institutions for basic education, adult literacy, advanced studies and other educational fora with the permission of competent authority but not to act as a degree awarding institute. “

Dr. Muhammad Sufyan Ramsih - Founder & CEO
Dr. Junaid Ansari — COO.

Our Story

Education and Research Development Pakistan is our N.P.O(Nonprofit Organization). This organization is the result of efforts and hardworks made by our team members.

Through our programs and initiatives, we aim to spread knowledge. We understand that meaningful change requires comprehensive efforts. That’s why we undertake a range of activities to make a difference.

EARDPK Features

Online Learning Portal

An online portal for students to enhance their knowledge, this portal is loaded with an easy interface to operate.

Quality Content

EARDPK offers their students, good quality content. Our courses and lectures are updated and revised.

Research & Development

Research is our organization’s main motive. The approach of our work is to share advancement and research with our audience.

Journals & Publications

Articles, issues and publications are managed in this web portal. This online portal is flooded with many articles of every field.

learning management system


Our learning management system offers student wide variety of course content for learning. The course is revised with new advancement. Our data entry team uploads mass learning content on daily basis.

Our learning Management system is loaded with numerous operating options, that are easy and convenient. The operating interface is easy and responsive. No down time and technical issues are there.


Quality Content

EARDPK offers their audience good learning material. Our courses and lectures are updated and revised. This good quality content is the result of our efforts and research work based on several years.

Research & Development

Research and development on various fields are done by our N.P.O. Rapid changes are going in the world now a days in every field wheather it is technology, business, medical sciences, law or anyother thing. 

To make an awearness program for our public and growing masses is neccessary. Therefore our N.P.O is doing research on topics and updating all of them by time.
Indeed, Knowledge is power.

Journals & Publications

Students have the option to add their articles to our publications using open journal system(online journal service).
The uploaded article is reviewd by our experienced reviewers panel and the reviews is handed over to editors. An effective communication is done between authors and editors. At last phase the article is appended to our current issue list.

Number Speaks


Journal Articles


Volume & Issues


Reearch Members